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Discover a spectrum of real estate photography and videography services at Fourth Wall Production. Our expertise spans residential, commercial, architectural, and interior design photography, alongside twilight & virtual staging and real estate videography. Whether it's capturing the essence of your property for sale, rent, or showcasing on platforms like Airbnb or MLS, our high-quality visuals are crafted to generate interest, accelerate your success in the Los Angeles real estate market.

1.Real Estate Photography

Top-tier High Quality Photography

Based in the heart of Los Angeles, Fourth Wall Production specializes in real estate media, crafting captivating visuals for both Residential and Commercial properties. In the diverse landscape of real estate photography, our expertise shines across various niches. Architectural photography delves into the design intricacies of buildings, while Interior Design photography brings out the nuanced elegance of indoor spaces. For the evolving needs of the market, we produce Airbnb photos that encapsulate the warmth of a home away from home, and vacation rentals photography that paints the allure of short-term getaways. MLS listing photography ensures that both residential homes and commercial spaces are portrayed with unmatched clarity for potential buyers or tenants. In the competitive realms of residential and commercial real estate, striking visuals are imperative, playing a pivotal role in sales, leases, and vacation bookings. Fourth Wall Production is dedicated to elevating these visuals, bridging properties with their prospective clientele at a very affordable price.

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Residential Real Estate Photography

Commercial Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Video Production

2.Real Estate Video Tours 

Cinematic High Quality Real Estate Video 

Fourth Wall Production, a renowned real estate media production house in Los Angeles, champions the art of video tours, offering a dynamic perspective into properties. Within the realm of video tours, we cater to a diverse array of needs: from Airbnb and vacation rental videography that encapsulates the essence of transient stays to MLS listing videography that provides an in-depth visual exploration for prospective buyers. Real estate agents rely on our expertise, especially when selling a house or promoting a luxury listing, as our video tours vividly convey the property's ambiance and features. In an industry where the visual narrative can make or break a deal, our video tours serve as invaluable tools for marketing, sales, and showcasing properties in their best light, all at a very competitive price.

3. Real Estate Property & Realtor Websites

Increase Engagement | Marketing & Analytics 

Fourth Wall Production, a premier real estate media production house, takes property promotion to the next level by crafting bespoke property websites. Tailored to global audiences, our websites are both modern and visually appealing, encapsulating the essence of each property in a digital format. With a blend of aesthetic design and functional elegance, our websites ensure that your property stands out, making a memorable impression on potential buyers and investors worldwide.

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Property & Realtor Websites

Floor Plans & Matterport Virtual Tours


4.Floor Plans 2D/3D & Matterport Virtual Tours

Seamless Property Exploration

Fourth Wall Production, a leader in real estate media, delivers cutting-edge 2D/3D floor plans and Matterport Virtual Tours. These services provide a comprehensive visual experience, allowing potential buyers to navigate properties seamlessly. Our floor plans offer clear layout perspectives, while Matterport tours immerse viewers in a realistic 3D walkthrough, ensuring properties are showcased in their full splendor.

5. Virtual Staging

Revitalize Vacancies

Fourth Wall Production brings properties to life with cutting-edge virtual staging. We transform photos of empty spaces into captivating, virtually staged homes, enhancing their appeal and marketability. In today's digital-first real estate landscape, our services offer a cost-effective and streamlined solution to stage properties. With our expertise, realtors can not only expedite sales but also potentially command higher prices. If you're looking to magnetize potential buyers online without the hefty price tag of physical staging, Fourth Wall Production is your go-to destination.

Virtual Staging


Realtor Headshot Photography


6.Professional Realtor Headshots & Reels

Elevate Your Brand

Fourth Wall Production, a leading name in real estate media, offers professional realtor headshots that capture the essence and professionalism of each individual. Understanding the importance of a strong first impression in the real estate market, our team ensures that each headshot reflects the credibility and personality of the realtor. In a competitive industry where personal branding is key, trust Fourth Wall Production to deliver headshots that make you stand out and resonate with potential clients.

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