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Why Should You Hire Fourth Wall Production as Your Real Estate Photographer for your Airbnb listing?

Fourth Wall Production is your premier choice for specialized Airbnb real estate photography in Los Angeles. With over a decade of expertise, we've been assisting real estate professionals and Airbnb hosts in successfully showcasing their residential and commercial properties throughout the city. In the digital era, the success of your listing significantly hinges on compelling visual content, as platforms like Airbnb prioritize high-quality imagery to captivate potential guests. Our adept photographers are devoted to illuminating your listings in the most flattering light, meticulously spotlighting every aspect from interior to exterior, thus accentuating the architectural finesse of your property, the allure of window views, and the charm of furnishings and decor. These meticulously captured details have a proven record of engaging more prospects and swiftly securing bookings, playing a pivotal role in the thriving journey of many Airbnb

Airbnb Photographer in Los Angeles

hosts in Los Angeles. Whether you're an Airbnb host desiring to magnetize more guests or a realtor aiming to swiftly close deals, we've got the expertise to make your property gleam with captivating visuals. Our discerning eye for perfect angles emphasizes the unique lifestyle your vacation rental listing offers, alongside key features that set your listing a cut above the rest. Our reputable service boasts over 1000 satisfied clients, bearing testament to our ability to significantly enhance the appeal and success of your Airbnb listing.

Our Airbnb photography specialists and video team at Fourth Wall Production are celebrated in Los Angeles for delivering superior quality visuals. Whether you have an Airbnb listing to enchant potential guests or require photography services for upscale real estate, commercial properties, rentals, office, retail, or construction and landscaping projects, we are here to cater to your needs. We manage projects with meticulous precision, from planning and lighting to directing, capturing, retouching, and punctual delivery. Our amicable and prompt approach guarantees hassle-free logistics, positioning us as the foremost choice for Airbnb photography in Los Angeles.

At Fourth Wall Production, we are devoted to amplifying your property's visual allure and marketability, distinguishing it in the fiercely competitive Los Angeles Airbnb listing landscape. Trust us to unveil the best in your listings and aid you in accomplishing your objectives. Let’s collaborate to ensure your properties captivate and resonate with prospective guests, facilitating quicker bookings. Allow Fourth Wall Production to adeptly showcase your listings, assuring a rapid and prosperous guest booking experience. Your success in the bustling Airbnb market is just a snapshot away with our expert Airbnb photography services.

Contact us today for a free quote at 1-213-986-6818 or by using our booking form on our website.


"Working with Fourth Wall Production has transformed my real estate listings. Their photography expertise brought out the best in every property I listed, resulting in quicker sales and higher prices."

Sarah Mitchell / Real Estate Agent

Top Real Estate photographer in LA 5 Star Rating

"Fourth Wall Production consistently delivers top-notch photography services for our development projects. Their attention to detail and creative approach have been instrumental in attracting buyers and investors. Exceptional work!"

David Foster / Property Developer

Top Real Estate photographer in LA 5 Star Rating

"As an Airbnb host, I wanted my listings to stand out. Fourth Wall Production exceeded my expectations with stunning photos that showcased the unique experience my properties offer. I couldn't be more satisfied!"

Top Real Estate photographer in LA 5 Star Rating

Emily Davis/ Airbnb Host

"I hired Fourth Wall Production to photograph my home in Beverly Hills before listing it. Their team transformed my property into a masterpiece, and I was thrilled with the results. My house sold in record time."

Top Real Estate photographer in LA 5 Star Rating

Lisa Johnson / Home Owner

How much does a real estate photographer cost for your Airbnb listing?

Airbnb photographer in Los Angeles

In 2023, the pricing for real estate photography in Los Angeles could be somewhat intimidating, particularly for new Airbnb hosts looking to make a mark. A standard two-hour photoshoot could cost around $624, with one-hour shoots averaging at $364, and extensive four-hour sessions touching the $1,000 mark. These rates often surpassed the national average by a hefty 45%. Nonetheless, at Fourth Wall Production, we propose a more wallet-friendly alternative without skimping on quality. With prices commencing at a mere $119, our specialized Airbnb photography services ensure that hosts can obtain top-tier visual content at a slice of the usual cost. We are on a mission to make Airbnb photography more economical and reachable for all, aiding you in thriving in the bustling market.


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Quality Assurance

Through years of dedicated practice, we've refined a distinctive process and workflow tailored for Airbnb listing photography. Each image is meticulously enhanced using advanced software and undergoes multiple quality assurance checks to ensure your photos capture the essence of your property and engage potential guests. Our specialized Airbnb photography services are crafted to ensure your listing shines in the competitive market, drawing the attention it rightfully deserves.

Trusted by Top Hosts

Our comprehensive portfolio has garnered the trust of premier Airbnb hosts managing high-value listings. Discover the accolades from our satisfied clientele in their testimonials, showcasing our expertise as a specialized real estate photographer for Airbnb listings, committed to elevating the visual appeal and marketability of your property to prospective guests.

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Real Estate Photographer | Airbnb FAQs

What is Airbnb real estate photography?

Airbnb real estate photography refers to a specialized field of photography that focuses on capturing images of properties listed on the Airbnb platform. This style of photography aims to highlight the features and amenities of a property in a way that's appealing and inviting to potential guests. Good Airbnb photography showcases the property in its best light, literally and figuratively, to help hosts attract bookings.

Why Airbnb real estate photography is important?

Airbnb real estate photography is crucial as it creates a positive first impression, leading to increased bookings by showcasing the property attractively. It provides a competitive edge in the crowded platform, accurately represents the space to manage guest expectations, and allows for a higher pricing point due to perceived value. Professional photos also reflect a host's professionalism, enhance the listing's visibility through Airbnb's algorithm favoring high-quality images, and encourage social sharing for free marketing. Moreover, adhering to Airbnb's photography standards ensures the listing remains in good standing on the platform, making it a worthwhile long-term investment for hosts.

How to find a good Airbnb real estate photographer ?

In Los Angeles, there's no shortage of Airbnb real estate photographers, but when it comes to your property listings, choosing the right one is paramount. Your go-to option in Airbnb real estate photography is Fourth Wall Production. When selecting a real estate photographer, meticulously assess their portfolio, experience, and equipment to ensure exceptional property capture. Furthermore, keep pricing, references, professionalism, and licensing rights in mind, with Fourth Wall Production meeting all these criteria and more. Their specialization and local expertise make them an excellent choice for your real estate photography needs.

If you're searching for professional real estate photography services, we have you covered. Our team excels at capturing your property's finest features, ensuring it shines in every shot. With our expertise, we'll enhance the visual appeal of your home to accelerate the selling process. Reach out to us today for additional details!

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