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Real Estate Agents | 5 tips to standout on your Zillow Profile

With over two million real estate professionals listed on Zillow, it can be hard to stand out from the LARGE crowd. But with 188 million monthly visitors to the site, Zillow has to become an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Use these 5 tips below to start attracting leads and improving credibility in the market.


Online reviews carry weight. Many real estate professionals on Zillow have high ratings, but a high rating alone won't set you apart. The quantity of reviews is the key factor. Incorporating review collection into your marketing strategy is essential.

Leaving a review on Zillow can be tedious for clients, as they need to create an account. Encourage your clients to provide reviews by educating them on the importance of these reviews for your business from the outset of the process.


Potential sellers or buyers tend to prefer agents who excel in their field. Consumers who research agents can view the number of sales made through Zillow.

To accurately reflect your sales performance, it's important to manually update this information after each closed transaction. Being a top performer can influence prospects or people in your network to choose you as their agent.


Let people get familiar with you by being genuine and authentic. Use a professional approach if that's your style, or share your personal touch if you aim to build strong relationships with clients. Mention awards or designations in your bio, and highlight any previous relevant work experiences, such as design or construction. If you have experience as an investor, rehabber, or flipper, make sure to mention it as well.


Video helps you connect with your audience more effectively, as it lets your personality shine through. By creating videos, you can differentiate yourself from most other agents.

To ensure the video is professional, avoid using selfies. Stay true to your personality and keep the video under 2 minutes. Highlight your experience, the areas you serve, and what sets your approach apart.

By following these 5 tips, you can expect to generate organic lead traffic for your business.


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Source : Zillow

Source : Zillow



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