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Power Plays: How the Philadelphia Flyers are Changing the Game of Real Estate in the City

The Philadelphia Flyers and real estate have a unique connection that extends beyond the ice rink. The Flyers are one of the most well-known sports franchises in Philadelphia, and they have been instrumental in the development of the city's real estate landscape.

The Flyers' home arena, the Wells Fargo Center, is a prime example of this relationship. The construction of the arena in 1996 spurred the growth of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex, which includes Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies, and Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Philadelphia Eagles. The development of the complex has transformed the surrounding area into a thriving entertainment district, attracting millions of visitors each year and generating millions of dollars in revenue.

The Flyers have also been involved in real estate development projects outside of the sports complex. In 2019, the team partnered with The Buccini/Pollin Group, a real estate development company, to redevelop a parcel of land adjacent to the team's practice facility in Voorhees, New Jersey. The project, called the Virtua Health and Wellness Center, includes a medical facility, a hotel, and retail space. The project has revitalized the area and provided new opportunities for economic growth.

In addition to their own real estate projects, the Flyers have also partnered with other organizations to promote real estate development and investment in Philadelphia. The team has been involved in various initiatives aimed at attracting businesses and investors to the city, such as the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation's "Philadelphia Delivers" campaign.

In summary, the Philadelphia Flyers have played a significant role in the development of real estate in Philadelphia. Their impact can be seen in the growth of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex, the development of their own practice facility, and their involvement in various initiatives aimed at promoting real estate investment in the city



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